Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have only one burning desire -- let me stand next to your fire

Flying into Ontario from Chicago yesterday, we could see the smoke plume coming off of Baldy from the far side of Gorgonio. Now that I'm here on the ground, it's not obvious, but from 10,000 feet up, it's clear that the smoke from the Baldy fire is filling the LA Basin.

Last night on the way to get a bite to eat, we saw a diamond-shaped fire zone up on the mountain. By the time we'd finished eating, there were three separate blazes, spread out a fair distance from each other.

The Daily Bulletin has the best coverage a cursory search turned up, but I know there are better sources of information out there. We here at M-M-M-My Pomona don't aspire to the august heights of the Foothill Cities Blog, but even if we did, we couldn't provide the fabulous photo coverage they had of the Sierra Madre fire, since this fire isn't near any homes (yet!) and no one should bolt up there with a camera.

Here's a map of the fire location that I found on Google -- I can't vouch for the accuracy. Once K is awake, he'll be able to update with his special aviation sources and what not.

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