Saturday, May 3, 2008

Would you care for a pharmacy?

I'm so excited to see a new Walgreen's on the southwest corner of Foothill and Towne (instead of the existing one on the northwest corner), that I figured we all might want to know where the nearest pharmacy is located. I've only mapped out CVS, Walgreen's, Rite-Aid, and Sav-on, but after a quick look, Pomona appears to have at least an additional dozen small, independently-owned pharmacies that aren't included on the map.


Truth be told, I was watching "Atonement" on pay-per-view and after forking $3.99 for the experience, I really needed to stay awake until the end.


Garrett Sawyer said...

Thoughts that seemingly never take place in the minds of our areas residents:

"Ooo, I spy a drugstore~! Now....which one do I want to shop at? I think I'll park here in the Rite-Aid parking lot and walk on over to CVS. I could use the exercise...After all, that IS why I have to pick up more my blood pressure and cholestrol medicine."


"Let's all drive to a drugstore when there's one every few blocks, because THAT'S HEALTHY!"


Anonymous said...

hey fuckers why you don't talk anything about the fucken checkpoint in Pomona fucken pussy's don't be scared

Anonymous said...

I was going to timidly say that I liked fuckin' Atonement.

Ed said...

lol It was just so slowwwww.

How about those Police Checkpoints?