Friday, May 30, 2008

No Eminent Domain

Having read that Coates is saying that they were informed that there will be no movement on the Lewis Homes project at Foothill and Towne (which had been noticed in the Daily Bulletin as being up for discussion of the redevelopment agency's intention to use eminent domain for the June 2 council meeting), I sought to get confirmation. I called the office of Raymond Fong, but he was not in today and wouldn't be back until Monday. So I emailed a couple of council people who got back to me letting me know that the item was not moving forward because there was no support for using eminent domain on the council.

I've not gotten further confirmation as the Agenda for Monday's meeting has been posted on the city clerk's web site (click Agenda to view). The item is on the agenda as a public hearing, but the staff recommendation next to it in the right hand column says "Table Indefinitely."

From what I hear, that pretty much kills the proposal in its current form. There is some speculation that there might be another plan proposed sometime next year. We'll be keeping an eye out for any developments.

As to other issues on the agenda . . . There is an "Old Business" item for discussion of the traffic checkpoints, which was last week's hot button item. There is also another demonstration against checkpoints planned for outside the council chambers. Should make for an interesting meeting (I think I'll watch it on cable--cowardly, aren't I).

The other important item on the agenda is the approval of the budget.


meg said...

Thanks for letting us know, John. I was gearing up to berate myself for being away for the all-important council meeting, and now I don't have to.

Good for Council!

Anonymous said...

While I think the Council's correct in this case, Pomona is an example of where appropriate use of eminent domain is desperately needed. There are more run-down decrepit crime incubators along Holt and in other parts of town than anywhere else I've encountered (and I used to work in South-Central LA).

Until the Council shows some backbone in addressing the City's root criminal and economic problems, this City's future remains bleak. The Council can talk about the Youth Master Plan, but so far its only talk.

Anonymous said...

So, Norma Torres can't put this in her "win column".
Jesus Norma, get a clue & for once actually listen to your citizens.
I don't know of anyone that thought that idea was a good one.

Anduhrew said...