Friday, June 13, 2008

Pop goes the Weasel

FYI: June is.......National Safety Month, Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month, American Rivers Month, Cancer In The Sun Month, Dairy Month, Turkey Lover's Month, National Accordian Awareness Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, National Ice Tea Month, National Papaya Month, National Pest Control Month, National Rose Month, Fight The Filthy Fly Month, and Zoo and Aquarium Month.

Saturday June 14 is Pop goes the Weasel Day, as well as the earliest sunrise in 2008 if you live in the mid northern latitudes. If you're awake before sunrise look into the southwest sky to catch a glimpse of Jupiter! If you're anxiously waiting for the Summer Solstice, that doesn't arrive until June 20th.

Sunday June 15 is Smile Power Day (Don't ask me!).

Pomona Events

Fairplex has RVs, bunnies, Roadsters, Wine and Cars, Roller Derby, and a Giant Foreclosure Auction.

Farmer's Market
Saturday morning in the Pomona First Baptist Church parking lot.
Wednesday evening at corner of Garey Ave and 2nd Street.

Metro Pomona
Glass House:
Friday Night--- Dax Riggs
Saturday Night--- Russian Circles

Second Saturday Art Walk on Saturday Night

City of Pomona
City Council meeting on Monday night

Pomona Unified
Last day of school for students is June 19th. I guess Pomona students just work harder than students from the other school districts!:-)


Anonymous said...

Downtown Pomona really used to look cool. It's to bad that it has been so butchered by bad design choices.

Ed said...

Farmer's market was quite busy today. If you haven't made it down there on a Saturday morning, give it a try next week. Great prices on fresh flowers. The apples are my personal favorite.

Anonymous said...

No, its been butchered by careless owners and a previously declining interest in old downtowns when indoor malls came about.

Rich said...

First off, Hi to all. I enjoy this blog. Since it's Adopt a shelter cat month I will tell this weeks story. As you know Pomona is overrun with stray and ferral cats(and dogs) and we have had many cats over the years. We just had a little female spayed on Wednesday at the Pomona Animal Hospital. We do a catch and release here at my house but they never seem to leave so I guess it's catch and stay. Any way she is doing fine and I encourage everyone to care for our four legged companions. It's our duty.

Ms. Lois said...

Rich, I totally agree. I just had to put down a cat that was almost 21 years old. I now have only five cats but we rescued a little male kitten who was being abused by a neighbor. We need to watch out for these creatures!

meg said...

My neighbor and I have been doing the catch-and-stay thing here too, with the strays that live under our other neighbor's house. Those kittens I was pushing last summer? Still here. Along with a couple of other "volunteers." But at least they won't be having kittens themselves.

Rich said...

We go to the Starbuckson on Gary and Mission, the CVS and Smart Final on Gary. That is the extent of our shopping in Pomona. Our Politicians have made this a very sad city. I have been waiting for years for it to change. We will try out the farmers market.

Ed said...

The bird population probably takes a hit, but rodents would runneth over without the felines.

Inland Valley Humane Society will expect a license and rabies vaccination if you take responsibility for a stray, so be prepared with an answer when they come knocking.

John Clifford said...

National Accordion Awareness Month? Oh help me. I just hope that the ice cream truck in Lincoln Park doesn't get hold of Lady of Spain.

meg said...

John, I could always pull out my accordion and teach the ice-cream guy "Lady of Spain." But then he might realize the utter dysphonia of his musical instrument in comparison with the accordion, and then we'd be without ice cream (and guns and drugs, if the rumors are true).

Ed said...

"Guns and drugs and ice cream, Oh my!!" .......from the Pomona version of "The Wizard of OZ".

K said...

Now, I think you'll all agree that you can't get that kind of convenient, curb-side service in our surrounding communities. Woo hoo!

I wonder if we could convince 'em to sell us beer, too? (Not that I actually believe this rumor, but it sure is a funny idea!)