Saturday, June 14, 2008

you scream, I scream, we all scream for Fred Van Allen

Actually, perhaps you don't scream for Fred Van Allen, of The Garden fame, who is running for District 1 of the city council. You may be screaming for someone else entirely, which is just fine -- we are nothing if not ecumenical here at M-M-M-My Pomona.

But if you're interested in hearing about what Fred would like to do on city council, he and Dawn are having an ice cream social from 4 to 6pm on Sunday, June 29, at the Garden on Garey. As Dawn told me today when I stopped by to get some dill and a six-pack of kale (I don't know how that horseradish plant crept into my car...), it's a great excuse to have ice cream for dinner.

For the record, I'm happy to promote the meet-and-greet events of other candidates, regardless of their politics, so feel free to drop me a line (

Well, there are probably a few platforms I wouldn't feel comfortable publicizing. All you members of the Worse and Fewer Restaurants In Pomona! party might find a more friendly ear elsewhere.

I woulda linked to the Garden website, but some financial-services company seems to have absconded with the domain name. Harrumph! The photo, however, is from an old Garden newsletter that I still had hanging around in my inbox.


Anonymous said...

Is George Hunter running for Mayor? Anyone know which Council seats are up for reelection.?

Garrett Sawyer said...

If on the Council, Pomona maybe could be greened up a bit more? It would be nice. Every time I go down Garey I look over at The Garden. If only more of Pomona could have just as much visual interest. If they can make their yard flourish, maybe he along with Dawn can help do the same for Pomona.

John Clifford said...

The positions up for election in November are:

District 1 (George Hunter)
District 4 (Paula Lantz)
District 6 (Stephen Atcheley)

As to whether or not George will run for mayor, I'll let him decide when to make a formal announcement. I've heard several names, but for the moment, they're rumors.

The council will (at tonight's meeting) authorize the election in November.

Anonymous said...

Hey I answer EVERYBODY'S posts so it's ok. I have just about no idea what the **** George is planning but the council seats that AREN'T reelecting have only the slightest idea why they aren't being elected

John Clifford said...


Sorry anon, I don't get your response. If George hasn't decided to announce yet, why are you getting perturbed? I especially have no idea what you're going on about the districts without elections.