Saturday, June 14, 2008

R.I.P., CarGar

On our way to breakfast this morning (separate post to follow), we noticed that Caribbean Gardens is now "Taste of Asia." It's a pity... We always liked the food there, although the service was slower than the itch and we were usually the only ones in there.

Too bad. No more great Caribbean-tinged mac & cheese with a side of collard greens. Unless someone has a favorite place to recommend? Does Hilltop Jamaican do mac & cheese?

Dave, you're gonna hafta post an update to last month's hidden-cuisines article!


Anonymous said...

(laughes) I loved what you said! I didn't realize what you were talking about until I came to the middle. I'm 9 and I comment just about everybody's posts. so leave it to me to comment.


Anonymous said...

I know only 1 place that does that kind of mac & cheese but i can't remember what it's called and where it is.

Daniel (again)

David Allen said...

There's a Chino Hills restaurant named A Taste of Jamaica that I learned about after publication. Haven't been there yet. Feel free to beat me to the punch, or in this case the ginger beer...