Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AMOCA in the news

As a prelude to this weekend's upcoming Saturday Art Walk, Diana Sholley has a short article in today's Daily Bulletin and SB Sun on the American Museum of Ceramic Art. AMOCA is currently running an exhibition featuring local ceramic artists, and this Saturday there will be an artist reception from 6-9PM.

It's good to be loved!

Here's a thanks to Ms. Sholley (I hope you get extra money when the article appears in two papers), and I'll be sure to take in the local talent at AMOCA........after I grab another cookie at Pomona Bakery..........stop for a bite at El Merendero..........visit a few antiques........and stop at the best public library.

Photo by Sally Egan

This message brought to you by yet another shameless promoter of Pomona.


Anonymous said...

FYI originally on the small pedestal in the middle of the fountain was a pair of bronze doves by Betty Davenport Ford. They were stolen a number of years ago, about the same time the Cranes (by Albert Stewart) in the reflecting pool in front of Buffums were beat to pieces. The good news is that about five years ago the VPD commissioned the artist to create a new pair of doves which are currently in storage in City Hall until it's safe to return them to the fountain.

REN said...

in the library digital collections there is a pic 287 in Pomona Landmarks that shows the same fountain.but there are no birds the pic looks like in its early you know by chance when the birds were added.

Anonymous said...

The doves were there for the opening of the new revamped shopping area.
We also have a fun postcard of a guy running for mayor in the early 60's with him & his family in front of the fountain. The doves were still in it.
I hope that they will not be taken again.
That is why Betty's gazelle sculpture is now in city hall. For protection from "the elements".