Wednesday, August 20, 2008

our daily bread

I've now been to Pomona Baking Company three times, which I consider a large enough sample size to make a preliminary report.

First of all, it's not all that easy to find, at least not unless you're on regular speaking terms with the back entrances of the Antiques Row shops and the Western U parking lots. The easiest way is to turn on to Antiques Row from Garey and immediately make a left, before Angelo's Pizza[1], and then make a right just after it. Then drive down the parking lot until you see an inviting wooden corner shop and smell the yeasty goodness.

My review is pretty basic. Pastries: very good. Bread: excellent. Coffee: needs work.

One of the things I like best, aside from the fact that these folks really know what they're doing, is the serving sizes. Pastries aren't the size of a beagle's head but more like a skunk's or a rattlesnake's -- and, yes, that's a good thing. Bread is sold in regular and half sizes, so that you can buy as much as you can eat before it goes stale. And the prices are extremely reasonable: What would cost you $5.00 at Some Crust is $2.50 at the PBC (and not over-sugared like Some Crust).

The down side is the coffee. All three times, the airpot was empty, and without asking, they made me an Americano using the cafeteria push-button espresso maker -- and those things don't even reach "halfway decent" on my portable espressometer.

So, I guess the PBC is the anti-Some Crust -- great reasonably-sized, reasonably-priced just-sweet-enough baked goods and iffy coffee. Makes sense, doesn't it? Pomona is pretty much the anti-Claremont, although some folks (not me!) wish that weren't the case.

Anyhoodle, I'll be paying regular (a couple of times a week, at least) visits to the PBC for baked goods, but I'll continue making my coffee at home or swinging by Some Crust in emergency situations.

[1] Speaking of Angelo's, Primo Castro, who appears to be running against Paula Lantz, emailed me to ask that I publicize his meet-and-greet event. It's at Angelo's at 5pm this saturday at 5pm, and you should RSVP to 909.677.0600. I'm going to try to stop by, although my calendar frowns at me when I say that. GoP has posted the flyer over on her blog.


me said...

I don't drink coffee myself, but I can see how that would be important. I like "the anti-Claremont bakery" tagline. Perhaps they'll add that onto their signage and business cards.

I've only been once and it was after hours, so I've yet to get the full PBC experience. I met two of the three owners the day I got in, and I came home with two loaves of free bread and two paid-for scones. All of it ended up being delicious.

The two owners told me when I asked about sandwiches is that they are now considering expanding to sandwiches since everyone seems to be asking for them.

G of P

Anonymous said...

The bread is just super good!
With pastries I am a sweet & gooey kind of guy & I don't mind if it's as big as my own head let alone a beagles.

Anduhrew said...

I guess i got a new spot to take my girlfriend out to now!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see more places springing up...maybe I'll have a few more options before I am forced to head out of the city to Chino, Chino Hills, or Claremont to get something to eat.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I love the goods at PBC. I tried the olive loaf and focaccia; both were outta this world.

My only concern is the hours -- they close at 2:00 PM. I know this is a standard closing time for bakeries, but my schedule pretty much prevents me from getting there before they close (I guess I have to blame myself since I am always running late in the mornings). Given they sit on a commuter parking lot, it seems a 6:00 PM closing time would give commuters a chance to pick up some fresh bread before they drive home for family dinners.

I can't wait to try the pastries!