Saturday, August 9, 2008

I need a map

What does Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Ontario have in common?

.....a murder in Pomona.

If you surfed your way over to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune or the Whittier Daily News, you might have caught the little snippet on Friday's court hearing in Pomona for the suspects in the July 27 Holt barbershop murder of Larry Hammett.

Prosecutors reportedly believe it was a robbery gone bad, and at least one of the suspects knew the victim. The location was targeted because of past drug sales. The suspected shooter was from Diamond Bar, his male accomplice was from Los Angeles, the female accomplice was from Inglewood, and the victim was from Ontario. What a crazy web we weave!

The Daily Bulletin wrote one article on the murder and another on the impromptu memorial service, so the follow-up in the Sunday or Monday edition of the paper discussing the arrests and hearing should be interesting. Can't wait!

It's now Tuesday, and I'm still waiting..........

Oh thank heaven, Will Bigham steps up with an article on Thursday discussing the arrests. It doesn't offer too much additional information, but does include a few quotes from the victim's son. The article mentions the possibility of the death penalty, but doesn't clarify whether the enhancement is gang-related or the result of the murder occurring during a robbery. Now, why exactly did that take almost a week?


Garrett Sawyer said...
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Anonymous said...

Pomona Citizen? The victim was from Ontario.

Garrett Sawyer said...

My mistake...

I'll revise what I wrote into, why does everyone from other cities come to Pomona to murder people from other cities. It's not fair...There! lol. Not much difference.

Anonymous said...

They come to where the trash is.

Anonymous said...

Anon, so why are you reading this blog? Interested in what the trash have to say?


Dawn said...

Ed can you email me its about an event coming up.

Anonymous said...


I am definitely just as frustrated as you on Pomona's negative publicity...we definitely need to keep informing the lovely local paper based in Ontario of the positive things happening in our city. This negative stigma can be reversed....power in numbers!

Whatever happened to David Allen...he no longer blogs on this site or GofP? Did the paper give him a gag order? David are you out there?