Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shots fired!

The end of the month homicide map isn't quite ready for publication, but some among us are doing their best to add few more icons to the Pomona area.

Sunday Night:
Midnight 2200 Block of Belinda
18 year old driving through residential street was shot. He was removed from the car by rescue officials and flown to a nearby hospital.

Tuesday Night:
7:30 PM 800 Block of Monterey
Two men found with non-life threatening gun shot wounds. No further information about whether they had shot each other.........kinda relevant.

9:30PM 700 Block of Mayfair
71 year old woman was watching tv in her front yard with friends when two men approached and began shooting. According to the newspaper article 16 to 20 shell casings were collected. The gang word was thrown out for consumption, but who knows after the barbershop shooting on Holt also referenced gangs, but apparently was just a robbery. The officer did offer that the area has been very quiet for the last six months. I doubt that gesture will help the home sales in that neighborhood.

Wednesday Night:
9:30 PM 1700 block of South Huntington
26 year old man was shot in front yard by two men who fled the scene in a dark-colored compact car. He was airlifted to a hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. This shooting was only 6 blocks from the shooting on Mayfair. So much for the quiet neighborhood reference in the previous article.

If you get the chance, take a stroll around your neighborhood and report issues of concern to the police, code enforcement, neighborhood watch, or your Council representative. By working together maybe we can have an influence on or 'export' the fraction of one percent in this community who give the city a bad name.


I grabbed these tidbits from the online Daily Bulletin and SGVT if you're looking for more info. And if you care, the weather in Seattle right now is overcast and in the 60s.


Anduhrew said...

i live near the cemetery and around 9:30pm last night heard a shot and soon after sirens and a helicopter (that ghetto bird is LOUD) must have been that shooting on mayfair.

Anduhrew said...
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Anduhrew said...

i mean huntington. didn't hear anything the night before though. could have had a movie on loud.

Anonymous said...

From everything I have read the 71 year old lady killed was a super nice person that contributed to her neighborhood and helped people she barely knew.
What a terrible loss for her family and our community.

Anonymous said...

Another person shot. I say these neighborhoods need to be unannounced road blocks once in a while in Pomona to start checking cars for weapons. We are at war in Pomona and the civilian population is suffering. Lets put these punks out of business.

Anonymous said...

Man I need to start checking my writing.

Anonymous said...

The 18 year old shot in the 2200 block of Belinda has died from his injuries.

Anonymous said...

This all ties into Torres and some council members wanting Pomona to be a sanctuary city. More check points are needed to check for drunks and weapons. The terrorist must be stopped. The lack of code enforcement that creates trashy neighborhoos ferments the lack of caring about personal property and human life. The house where the nice lady was shot was a dung heap.