Monday, October 6, 2008

Campaign Mailer Taking More Heat

First, it was a disgruntled George Hunter who took offense at the recently mailed campaign flyer produced by Citizens for a Safer and Greener Pomona. Now Chief Romero has stepped up to refute his implied endorsement of Elliot Rothman for mayor. Not exactly a booming success for the inaugural edition of "Pomona's Better Times".

According to a DB article, Citizens for a Safer and Greener Pomona successfully scrapped a few trees to print at least two versions of our "Hometown Newspaper". Lucky me, I received the pro-Rothman for mayor version, but not being a resident of his district, was apparently passed over for the pro-Atchley paper. Although the article doesn't include emphatic quotes from Atchley or Rothman denouncing the mailer, I'm guessing neither one is too keen on associating his campaign with our new hometown paper. On the bright side, I believe the USPS is having budget problems so this tiny infusion of cash can't hurt.

You know what really irks me? What really drives me crazy? How can you call yourself a "Hometown Newspaper" and still cite 2006 and 2007 FBI crime statistics. Come on, this blog lays out the 2008 homicides on a map. Can we make it any easier than that, and besides, who do you trust more, the FBI or a Pomona blog?! Speaking of which, by my count the month of September was homicide free for Pomona Valley (San Bernardino area and San Gabriel Valley weren't so lucky). The FBI won't tell you that until, let's see, well into 2009.......about the time the next campaign will start.

Candidate Forum Tuesday 10/7 @ 7PM in Council Chambers
Candidates for District 1, 4, and 6 will answer questions.
Sponsored by Pomona Chamber of Commerce (new website..much better)


Anduhrew said...

I heard the Mayoral campaigners forum would be shown on cable on channel 29 i think. I don't know when and I don't have cable. so would anyone please record it and youtube it please?

tibbi said...


I wish I would have recieved this newsletter.

I've needed to laugh lately.

Too bad I'm in Rodriguez's district


Anonymous said...

Man if George Hunter does not become the next Mayor we are in a world of hurt.
The only good thing that could become of Elliot Rothman as Mayor it will be harder for him to continue the shakedown of people that do business with Pomona.
Oh, and Elliot, just when will I be able to shop at the Fry's that you said that you secured for the 71/Mission Blvd. area the last time you ran?

Anonymous said...

c'mon guys

i'm sure rothman will turn this city into something good...

don't we all want to be devoid of character and full of prefabrication just like the district he represents?

Anduhrew said...

here's an interesting read

Anduhrew said...

Anonymous said...

dead link

try again

Anduhrew said...

You're going to have to copy and paste it. my apologies.

calwatch said...

The mailer for the 4th district talked up Primo Castro. His primary experience is as a hack for Senator Jenny Oropeza. Basically the firefighters like him, but that's about it. It also had the Romero piece that was in the newspaper, Rothman for mayor, and no on Measure PC, the John Mendoza utility tax increase initiative.

Kate Thornton said...

...devoid of character and full of prefabrication just like the district he represents..."

I notice you didn't sign your name, anonymous, so I can't address you directly.

I live in an historic and architechturally-significant area of Pomona: Westmont. Eliot Rothman is the council member who represents our area.

Whatever your thoughts about Mr. Rothman, I find your charaxcterization of my neighborhood offensive.

Our neighborhood contains the first post-war modern homes ever to recieve FHA loans. Architects include Cliff May - the Father of the American Ranch House - as well as other significant post-war modern architects like Arthur Lawrence Millier.

Many homes have been painstakingly restored. Our community boasts a beautiful - and safe - park, a community center, churches and a charming neighborhood of friendly people.

It is anything but devoid of character. As for prefabrication, although our neighborhood is comprised of several post-war tracts, homes were built on site and have endured for over half a century.

I invite anyone interested to see our beautiful Cliff May home and judge for yourself.

Ed said...

Cal, thanks for covering the rest. I couldn't bring myself to read it again. Of the 4 pages, 3 covered Rothman, Romero and crime.

Kate, I'm wondering if Anon was talking about the homes on the hill. Having seen your home on the Home Tour last year, I will attest to its quality and the others of that vintage.

Here's a question: Should we temporarily raise the utility tax to cover the budget shortfall?

Anduhrew said...

from the link i posted,

" June, while cutting the city budget, council members voluntarily cut their personal accounts for 2008-09.

Five of the seven members reduced theirs to under $20,000, Cristina Carrizosa retained $28,000 and Elliott Rothman hoarded $29,729. Yes, there are some mighty big needs in his Phillips Ranch-based district."
"George Hunter claimed reimbursement for phone, pager and BlackBerry only - not for mileage or for his home office. This frugality put his reimbursed expenses at a rock-bottom $872.89 for the fiscal year."
These numbers are open to the public. I suggest we look deeper into our candidates.

Anonymous said...

Kate... you need a thicker skin.
It was fairly obvious that Anon meant Phillips Ranch proper.
Bland soul less stucco boxes and the soul less council person to match.
Add a couple of cows and it could be Chino.

Anonymous said...

Pomona city councilman arrested
By Lori Consalvo on October 8, 2008 10:14 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)

POMONA - City councilman Elliott Rothman was arrested for drunken driving Tuesday night, said police officials.

The city has not released any more information on the incident.

Rothman was elected to the City Council in 1996 and re-elected in 2002, and 2006, according to his biography on the city's Web site. He has served as council member for the past 12 years in District Five.