Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Smile, you're on Candid Candidate!

I was really sorry to miss the City Council candidates' shindig last night, but I had a planned-months-ago meet-up with a friend in Santa Monica. Did anyone go? Any reports?

In the absence of face-to-face contact, I got online this afternoon (yes, when I should have been getting work done) and read Primo Castro's new improved webpage. There's nothing to disagree with on it, unless you hate children, want more crime, and believe that our tax base should be smaller. And for the record, I don't.

One thing did bother me, though. The "About Primo" section reads:

The line about "the Manager of the Government Documents library" of Michigan State caught my eye for several reasons. For one thing, hey, I worked in Gov Docs when I was in college! And the guy I worked for now works in Gov Docs at Michigan State!

So I took the occasion to email my old boss (we have kept in haphazard touch since then) and ask if he had worked for Primo.

According to my old boss, the answer is no. He worked *with* Primo, he said, but not *for* him -- because Primo wasn't the Manager of the Government Documents library but a student assistant. Student Assistant IV (which is not the lowest in the pecking order), but still a student assistant.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive, but this is really bothering the heck out of me. I don't agree with everything Paula Lantz believes in (wait for my screed about pay phones and the surveillance state), but I have complete faith in her integrity. And up until now, Primo seemed like a straight-up guy too. Now, however, I worry that District 4 could be home to its own Robert Irvine dust-up or, saints preserve us, Xavier Alvarez.

What do y'all think? I worry that a candidate who fudges items on his resumé will fudge all kinds of other items as well, and our fair town doesn't need any of that. Primo's current position is as "Senate Deputy for the California state senate"... should I be doubting that too? (What does the Senate Deputy do, anyway? I couldn't find anything about it on the web.)

I should also add that perhaps there's an explanation that doesn't involve fudging, and if so, I'd be much relieved to hear it.

Here's a larger screenshot of the page, just for context:


Anonymous said...

Why do you have to go picking on people?
This is what I dislike the most about politics, digging up dirt on people and hurting their reputations,
it's just not fair and no one likes to to hear hurtful things. Everyone of us has exaggerated just a little.

tibbi said...

yeah, it's not fair to hold politicians accountable...

Primo has a right to Free Speech.

He can lie if he wants to-

His lies are protected by our constitution-

what kind of blogging is this!!!

how dare you people post your opinions and feeling for thegeneral public to seek out and decry!!!

you truth seekers make me sick!!!!

Anduhrew said...

Someone's gotta do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in Primo Castro to vote for. I am not a switch horses mid-race kind of guy. With a couple other people on the council that drive me effin' crazy, why chance it?
I actually know Paula Lantz
I like her as a person and as a council person.
She gets my vote.
And yes, punching up a resume bothers me if it's not true.

John said...

Anonymous#1 must be joking?

Anonymous said...


You keep picking...keep calling these people out on their lies!

Good catch.


Ed said...

Ok, I'll say it. What are the odds that someone living in Pomona's 4th district knows someone who works in Gov Docs at Michigan State.

Why don't you send him an email and ask for clarification? If he's a standup guy,he'll suggest it was poorly written and the story ends.

As for candidates and webpages, I couldn't find one for Hunter and Lantz's was for her mayoral run in 2006. Is it just me?

LinknPark said...

So let me get this straight, this guy is my age, hasn't held a non-political job, and is going to school for his masters degree? I actually have a full-time job in private sector and am in the process of getting my MPA, besides having time to volunteer for politically related and non-politically related activities.

Why do we keep producing these straight out of college career politicians. Politics should be about ones duty to society and genuinely participating in order to make a difference, not a means by which to make a substantial living at the publics expense; and why is this a viable career path to choose directly out of college. How could someone who hasn't actually participated in the private sector adequately represent those who live in the private sector full-time. I wouldn't vote for him just because of that.

John Clifford said...


George does have, at least 1/2 of a web site at I don't believe that he's made it public as yet. I actually volunteered to work it up for him. It's very rudimentary, and the PayPal for contributions hasn't been worked out with the campaign, but there are some good videos, a bio, and some misc photos. I hope that they give me the final info soon so it can be advertised and then I'll submit it to Google.

As for the Castro "fudging," I'm a little leary also of someone who pads their resume. Hopefully anon#1 was joking, as hopefully was tibbi.

tibbi said...

yeah, i was joking...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 here...
You know what? I wasn't joking...we only remember the negative comments about someone, even after they have been cleared of any wrong doings.... Are we sure that Primo lied? Should we gossip about him before he has a chance to defend himself.
I guess I'm just tired of hearing bad news about people in our community...including Elliott...He has a family and he's worked hard.
I wish that we could talk more about the positive things that the candidates have to offer rather than looking for bad.
This blog thing can be so positive...that's why I like to read them, especially the local ones like this one, which is one of my favorites.
All I'm saying is,
Pomona is a very special town, we all love it, and anyone who who wants to serve us should be treated with respect and dignity.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I appreciate Lantz's willingness to work on behalf of our neighborhood. She attends the vast majority of our Neighborhood Watch meetings and works with the city departments to respond to our concerns. As one example, a while back a tow truck knocked down a street light on the west side of the park; the city hasn't replaced the light (it has been down for months). We raised this issue in Lantz's presence; within hours (no joke) she sent some e-mails and got the ball rolling (we're not sure why it wasn't rolling already, but that's another issue I suppose). Thanks to her work, we're slated for a new light within the next two months. She's got my vote because she gets things done.

calwatch said...

Experience does matter. If this was an open seat I would probably vote for this guy in a heartbeat. He seems well put together, has fresh ideas, and is willing to learn. Youth should not be a disqualifier for political office. What bothers me though is that there is no attempt to show the voting public why Lantz shouldn't be re-elected. Paula seems to be doing a decent job and is well known as the fiscal watchdog on the Council (notwithstanding her own expense reports, but then again, she doesn't have another paid job). Even that BS "Pomona's Better Times" newsletter had no contrast. In a single seat race, you need to tell us what you would improve what the current occupant of the office. The unfortunate thing is that I think a lot of folks are going to vote for him because of his last name, and I hope people examine the record before making that knee jerk conclusion.

calwatch said...

By the way, "Senate Deputy" means political hack for the politician. Every big governing body, be it the MTA, the County Board of Supervisors, LA City Council, or the state legislature has "deputies" whose main job is to read legislation, summarize, and recommend action to the politician that hires them. Primo is a "field deputy" which means that he assists in running Senator Oropeza's office in Redondo Beach. This means waving the Senator's flag at local city council, council of governments, and other committee meetings, and acting on constituent complaints in her area. If he were a field deputy closer in to Pomona, it would mean that he would have similar contacts to Paula Lantz. For example, Juventino Gomez is the deputy for Supervisor Mike Antonovich, and also vice mayor of El Monte (which is not in Antonovich's district, to avoid conflict of interest). So he has connections with many of the elected officials in the San Gabriel Valley.

Anonymous said...

just wondering - does anybody know what Mr. Hunter does for a living?

I wonder what his private sector work experience involves?

George said...

I am the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for Pomona Unified School District and before that, I was a Facilities Manager for them (last 7 years). Prior to 2001, I was a partner in a regulatory consulting firm that assisted foreign and domestic food, drug and cosmetic manufacturers and importers comply with U.S. FDA & Customs regulations. During much of the 1980's through the early 1990's, I worked for several different corporations in the nutrition field, working in many facets of that industry (from Customer Service and Sales management to R & D and Franchise Operations). From 1975-1981, I did research on high altitude reconnaisance film technology for the U.S. Government. So I've worked in management in the private and public sectors most of my adult life and co-owned and operated my own consulting firm. Hope that dispels the mystery.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for George. I believe his resumeshows that he has the ability to think through a problem and solve it. Pomona has many problems and I want someone who can solve them.

K said...

Yow, I'm not sure I'm ready to dish Castro because he's done nothing but politics. I mean, if you live and breathe politics, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to just dive in and deal with low pay and possibly crappy working conditions and do what you love. I mean, lots of us have other responsibilities and can't necessarily take that path, but it doesn't seem like an instant disqualifier.

Of course, I also think that everybody should work at least one crap job growing up. I cleaned up puke at the colosseum after concerts, then worked as a bus boy and pizza delivery guy, among other things. I think that kind of perspective is important to have (although, frankly, I wouldn't really recommend the puke cleaning).

[It certainly sounds like George has the necessary experience, puke or no.]

Ed said...

Finally, a politician willing to plop down with us little people (I prefer vertically-challenged) and throw in a word or two. Very, very, cool.

Btw, George, you never got back to me about that $500 tree issue. Don't worry, I'll be sending you a quick question concerning a bike lane issue, that I'm hoping you can clear up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Mr. Hunter. I am trying to make an informed decision regarding my vote and the more information I can digest the better. Again, thanks for providing your employment background.

George said...

Sorry Ed - my bad. I had sent your question on to City staff at the time and I had to wait for at least one of them to get back from vacation in order to get an answer. By the time I did get the answer back, I was so busy with the campaign and work at PUSD that I overlooked sending it on. I'll track it down on Monday and get it to you. Let me know about the bike lane issue when you have a chance.