Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 H-word through March

Here's a google map with the homicides from January, February, and March. By my count from the newspapers and coroner's websites, big, bad Pomona saw 5 homicides, Claremont (1), Montclair (2), Chino (1), Ontario (2), Rancho Cucamonga (3), and Upland (1). Of the 15 in Pomona Valley, 3 were officer-involved shootings.

In Pomona, I believe arrests have been made in 4 of the 5 homicides. Congrats to the Pomona PD.

For the first 3 months of 2009, I don't see a discernable difference between Pomona Valley and the adjacent San Gabriel and San Bernardino areas, but I'm open to opposing views. For a westside view, take a look at the Los Angeles Times Homicide map.


Anduhrew said...

hey only one was near my place in this set. and that was the motel 6 one. That's kind of an improvement. but the one on mission in broad daylight kind of bothers me. I frequently drive through that area.

Irene said...

Hi, Ed; I'm sure there's a more efficient way to get a hold of you, but seeing as how I don't have your email address, your post seems like a good opportunity to pass along some P-Town murder rate info.

It takes some scrolling, but:

What do you make of the drop in the murder rate about that time? I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!

Ed said...

Goooooood question. I'll take the easy route and say that I don't really have enough information (sorry, it's the scientist in me).

A couple of possibilities:
1. Increased police presence, perhaps a crackdown on parolees.
2. Shooters kept missing their targets.
3. gang injunction
4. personal empowerment (e.g. neighborhood watch)
5. schools improving
6. Daily Bulletin's readership has dropped (yeah, yeah, I know DA supports Pomona, so don't throw any rocks at my house).
7. PFF moved out of Pomona (couldn't help myself on this one)

That data also identifies a drop in assaults, which would lend support to the argument that something was happening (I didn't check for statistical significance). Of course, the 13 or so homicides in the second half of the year leaves me a little baffled and frustrated.

Through March of last year, we were at 5, and this year I've counted 5 homicides, so I do believe something positive is happening, I just don't have enough info to give a definitive answer. In just my few years of living here, I do see neighborhoods rallying together, individuals taking personal responsibility, a school system doing better, a police force reaching out to the community, and some within the city government doing the 'right' thing. So my lame answer is I believe all these things have contributed, and all will be needed to continue the process of making the city a great place to live regardless of your socioeconomic class.

Irene, thanks for the question.