Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art and Community Commission Time

Almost skipped right by this one. For those willing to partake, we seem to be having a Tuesday night 2fer. According to their agendas, the Cultural Arts Commission is meeting tonight @ 6PM in the Library Public Conference Room and the Community Life Commission is in the Council Chambers @ 7PM.

The Art folks will be discussing (1) high schools mural project update, (2) 2008-09 budget-approval of expenditures, (3)public art presentation by Planning and Housing Department, (4) Goldline artwork selection committee, and (5) Blockbuster concerts.
Also included is the draft for the Public Art Policy Ordinance

The Life folks will be discussing the (1)Home Beautification judging, (2) roles and responsibilities of the commission, and (3) a Litterbug Campaign.

Speaking of litterbug campaigns, how about reintroducing the "Crying Indian" public service announcement. Here's another one from Chief Iron Eyes Cody. Sorry to get a little nostalgic, but the world's become a pit.

If any willing commissioner would like to color my very black-and-white summary of your commissions, please don't be shy. Anons are welcome!

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Anduhrew said...

i've been thinking, what if some of us put together some funds to buy advertising space at bus stops and have thinks like "don't trash P-Town" or something. i don't know. I read about a guy who put money into advertising against Meth in his home town since it was a big problem and meth use went don't quite a bit (causality can be argued, but i think awareness helps at least a tiny bit)