Monday, April 20, 2009

City Council and Planning

The City Council meets tonight:
Items include possible new trash trucks, volunteer to provide input on artwork slated for Metro Gold Line, parking citation fee increase, possible ownership agreement with Fairplex regarding a Trade and Conference Center ($2.7 million), approving an affordable housing agreement for the purchase of rental convenants at 1101 McKinley ($3.3 million), amend the Capital Improvement Program budget, appeal a Planning Commission decision, 2nd reading of the fence and wall ordinance, 1st reading of an ordinance to further regulate alcoholic beverage consumption in public places, etc.

Planning Commission meets on Wednesday:
Consent Calendar includes closure of Monroe at Orange Grove, time extension request for housing development at 600 Bonita, 2nd time extension for industrial development at 101 N. Mountain View Ave
Public Hearing includes Sakura Ichi wants to extend Friday and Saturday hours from the current 10:30PM to 2AM, and a CUP request to convert warehouse space into some office space at 1383 Signal Drive.

Theft Alert: If you're planning on going green by riding your bicycle to the Council Chambers, don't lock it up in front of the building.

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