Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pomona Fox

Others will describe the event far better than I ever could, so here's just a thanks to all involved, both in saving it from destruction and then restoring it to its current state. It's truly a beautiful venue and.........hint, hint,..........................for those who just couldn't make it to the Sneak Peak, Smogdance is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ok, I guess I should have been wowed by the celebrities, but for me, the biggest thrill was to speak to George Hunter for a few minutes.

Since historic preservation can usually be found on the top rungs of the 'thankless' ladder, it was wonderful to see those in the community who work tirelessly to preserve elements of Pomona's past get some much deserved recognition.

Here's a piece from David Allen and some photos from Ren.

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Pride in Garfield Park said...

I was there in spirit and can't tell you how delighted I am by the FOX's reopening. THANK YOU to everyone who had a part in making this happen.