Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Month of Public Service

Here we go with another round of Council and commission meetings. YIKES, and I don't even volunteer for any of these positions.

On tonight's City Council agenda:
  1. 2nd reading of ordinance to further regulate the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places.
  2. shuffling some capital improvement funds
  3. 2009-10 community development block grant programs
  4. amendment to police furloughs
  5. first reading of ordinance modifying reimbursement for some emergency responses
  6. a ticket and passes distribution policy to comply with Fair Political Practices Commission amended regulation
  7. approval of Fox Theatre Community Events Selection Committee ( let's shorten to the FTCESC.....isn't that so much easier).
  8. Downtown Parking plan
  9. monopoly for city towing services
  10. modify, suspend or revoke CUP for Angelo's pizzeria
  11. First reading of ordinance to modify Pomona's code regarding water conservation.
And a thanks to the city for making it easier to access public documents!


Robin said...

I watched the city council meeting on TV last night. A notice went out recently to business owners at Mission Blvd. and highway 71 that Mission would be closing for construction and would be closed for 10 months! This closure is scheduled to take place in two weeks. Business owners were in attendance to express their outrage at the short notice and the long closure, especially since they had been told previously that Mission would remain open during construction. The closure is now going to be delayed while alternative actions by Caltans (or whoever) are considered. The
Day Labor Center and the construction supply company are most concerned about access since their driveway will be inaccessable.

When and if the temporary closure of Mission takes place, we need to encourage people to go out of their way to shop in Westmont during the construction. Business include a 7-ll, a grocery store, a mechanic, several restaurants including Subway and Jack in the Box and several privately owned eating establishments, a large construction supply company, and of course, Westmont Hardware.

Ed said...

Thanks Robin.

gilman said...

Did anyone get a chance to attend the Special Meeting held last night? Wondering what the action taken by the Council was related to the Mission closure?