Thursday, May 7, 2009

The 'H' word for April

For April's map, I've tossed in vehicular-related deaths to give it a little more color. Sorry, my LA County vehicle info is a bit lacking, since I haven't found easy access to the coroner's info and the newspapers don't really cover death by vehicle too often.

Here's some food for thought when you're assessing risk:

Year Vehicle Homicide
2007 3557 2258
2006 3793 2483
2005 3822 2503
2004 3701 2394
2003 3726 2402
2002 3650 2392
2001 3517 2201
2000 3331 2074
1999 3144 2006
1998 3075 2170

By my count, Pomona has experienced 6 homicides in 2009, with guns being the weapon of choice. As for April, the single homicide was a shooting that occurred during a crowded party. I believe suspects have been arrested or identified in 4 of the 6 shootings.

And how does this year compare to last year:
  1. by the start of May 2008, Pomona had reached 5 and we eventually hit an unofficial 20. Of the 20, 9 people were killed in the last 3 months of the year.
  2. Over the last ten years, we've averaged 21 homicides a year.
April Homicide map
Jan-March Homicide map


Anduhrew said...

do you happen to know what the average wasin previous decades? 9even better the ratio to population)

Irene said...

Those vehicle numbers are giving me the willies. Ever since moving out of P-Town, my perspective of driving has completely changed; I'm a much more considerate driver, now that I walk, bike or metro everywhere. Ed, what are your thoughts on traffic and general driver behavior in and around Pomona? I wonder if it's any more pedestrian/cyclist friendly than when I was there. (Which is to say, not much)

Anonymous said...

Ed - how about a line graph comparing Pomona annually with other areas?

Ed said...

Andrew: Are you interested in Pomona homicides or vehicular deaths or homicides, or all of the above? I can adjust for population.

Anon: OK. Any particular cities, or can I use my best judgement (or judgment)?

Irene: In general, I'd say people are reasonably considerate. The real problem is the institutional bias for cars, but I'll save the rant for bike-to-work week (next week). As you note in your behavior, you just don't know what you don't know.

Anduhrew said...

ed, just Homicides.

Irene, I've actually noticed that Drivers in Pomona tend to be fairly kind to cyclists. I've even had a few people back up to let me cross their path. I think it may be because there are a bit of cyclists who get around by bike out of necessity, and so there is a sense of a helping hand for us and those folks.

p.s. I can't ride my bike for about another week. I hurt my bike so I can't hunch over. really bothers me since my car just broke down! Love the Bus but the route I take ends at 7:30pm

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Ed, I'd love to learn more about your sources for data mining. You do such a great job pulling together information about trends and such. I have much to learn, oh Jedi Master :)

Andrew, I'm sorry to hear you're out a bike and a car! Seriously, e-mail me back channel if you want to go grocery shopping or anything like that.

Irene said...

Anduhrew-wow, that's great to hear. When I think back to when I relied mostly on my bike to get around Pomona, riding along Mission and Valley boulevards felt precarious. As with any city, though, I guess the main thoroughfares are a wild card when cycling.
Specifically, drivers who were speeding or taking turns too fast put me in many close scrapes. I must confess that as soon as I could ditch the bike and drive around, I became such a driver and zipped through traffic like I owned the place. Tsk, tsk.

Ed - looking forward to your rant!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am doing my part by pushing deep down, my murderous rage.
Glad to help out.

Anduhrew said...

oops. i meant I hurt my back, not my bike. I have a spare bike, just gotta wait till tuesday to ride.