Friday, May 8, 2009

Just another day in POMONA

After you're all dirty from cleaning up Pomona, what could be more exciting than heading on over to the Cal Poly Pomona Farm store for the Tractor and Car Show.

Tractor rides
Petting Zoo
Oldies and Hot Rod Tunes

Got a cool car, you can enter it and receive a free t-shirt ($35 to enter).

Word on the street is that they'll have a fully-restored vintage steam tractor! I know Meg and K won't miss this event. And couldn't we all just picture David Allen wearing a straw hat and riding a tractor. OK, well how about Mayor Rothman.

Where else in Southern California, could you pick up the city's trash and pull weeds in the morning, pet some animals and ride a tractor in the early afternoon, and then in the evening, get all gussied up to hobnob with aspiring artists.


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