Thursday, May 28, 2009


June 1st is the deadline for submitting nominations to the Home Beautification Contest.

Homes will be judged on the following criteria:
 Overall appearance and “curb appeal” of the property
 Landscaping and the use of decorative plantings
 On-going upkeep of landscaping and maintenance of the home’s exterior
 Overall neatness and superior upkeep
 Property should be visibly compliant with building, safety, or code (what fun is that)

What do I get if I can answer 'no' to ALL of these criteria?


And the winner gets...................

First place winners and honorable mention recipients will receive a lawn sign
recognizing them as winners. In addition, the award winners will be featured on the
City’s website at . Publicity for the winners will also extend to
local newspapers with a press release.

And most importantly, you'll receive the "I'm an overachiever in Pomona" award.


John Clifford said...


An overachiever in Pomona? How exciting is that?

See, I can be snarky too.

Ed said...

I've seen your front yard, you don't have a chance! ;-)

John Clifford said...

Probably right. Not as much to work with as some of us :-)

But the lovely Mrs. C does a decent job with it anyway. (I'm not the gardener in the family by any stretch of the imagination. My role is delegated to being told where to dig a hole.).

tibbi said...

John, that's much better than being the one in the hole-

(cymbal clash)

-Take that Claremont.

yeah, it's a morbid joke- but it was begging for it...

Anduhrew said...

There's A (one) house on my street that could probably get this. and It's not mine.