Friday, July 31, 2009

auf wiedersehen, good night

It looks like the Yorba Station -- that is, the Post Office on Garey, just south of Arrow Highway -- is being considered for closure. The WaPo has the full story (about closures, not about Pomona -- although it does include a list of every PO on the chopping block).


calwatch said...

Not surprising considering how low volume that post office gets. There should be a contract postal station in north Pomona though. Maybe one of the supermarkets in the area might offer it.

meg said...

Although looking at the list of proposed closures, I gather that they're shutting down contract stations too.

Anonymous said...


Anduhrew said...

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meg said...

Somehow I'm not surprised.

I'll leave this one for context, but in general I try to delete the spam as soon as it shows up.

Anonymous said...

We own a post office.
They rent a building from us in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin and when I read about the closings I looked if ours was a goner.
It is not on the list.
Like the Yorba p/o, you would be surprised how many are in buildings that are rented.