Monday, September 14, 2009

all-hands meeting?

I'm picking up from a comment that calwatch left under the "thufferin' thuccotash!" post below (see Recent Comments sidebar to read his comment).

We are located just about equidistant between the two shootings, and we've got a very active and engaged NW captain. She emails us about any incident she hears about over the grapevine, as well as general NW news.

I haven't heard about any NW meetings since the, um, exciting one on July 27. At the beginning of August, I think that Muffin Turk, who is on the Community Life Commission (I believe -- I could be wrong), was agitating for a LP community meeting, but I don't think anything ever came of it.

So, I'll add my voice to Muffin's and calwatch's: CAN WE HAVE A COMMUNITY MEETING PRETTY PLEASE?

[That said, I am not concerned about getting shot in my front yard. And not just because I've been shot at twice and both times they missed.]

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Ed said...

If you're a NW captain or have access to a NW captain could you please contact or ask them to contact Pride over on the Neighborhood Watch blog. We have all the elements for communication, we just aren't putting them together.

I'm more concerned about the petty property crimes than I am being shot. If I hadn't read about the homicide the next day, I wouldn't have even known that it happened.