Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm still here

This is either very sad, or an expression of democracy in action. Your choice.

Live tweeting continues, even most of the audience is gone, at www.twitter.com/tweetpomona


meg said...

Wow, calwatch, you are a rockstar. I haven't finished reading all your tweets, but I have two comments:
1. Gah!
2. Thanks!
3. Gahhhhh!

I guess that's three. Anyway, thanks so much for staying, tweeting, and posting.

John Clifford said...

Unbelievable. Makes me glad I didn't show up (unfortunately, changes in work schedules will make council meetings difficult for me until around the holidays).

And it's always amazing to me that "the thing" doesn't work for councilmembers, but seems to work fine for the Planning and Historic Preservation Commissions which use it to register ALL of their votes. Amazing that our council is so technologically dim that they can't figure out what works for everyone else using the system. And how much did this "state-of-the-art" (at the time) system cost us that they can't use?

Sorry--just a tangential rant.

Cal, you are amazing. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Well... at least you could hear them.
We were watching the meeting on TV and the sound was off until Mike called a person he saw in the audience & they informed them of the technical difficulties.
Duh... sound?

Anduhrew said...

Thank you so much for tweeting the meeting! I followed it for quite a while until i finally went to bed, I'm very grateful for your efforts.