Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's for dinner?

Three weeks ago a shiny new store front popped up on Holt near Reservoir: Tweedy Panda Donuts & Chinese Food. 969 E. Hold Ave. (909) 802-2088. Open from 5AM - 10 PM.

Stew ate there a week or so ago and had good things to say, so I tried it out this evening. Thumbs up!

This is your basic "select a starch and pick two dishes from the steam table" sort of place. The selection is okay, though the only veggies I could find were embedded -- like journalists? -- with beef. Oh well. I opted for white rice with orange chicken and beef and broccoli, heavy on the green stuff. The portions were huge -- I'll be grazing on this order for a couple days.

How much did this bounty cost, you ask? $4.69. And, it came with a free 12 ounce soda. I added on a donut for dessert. Spot hitting. I'm looking at the menu now. Here are a couple highlights:

$2.79 for a bowl of rice covered with one item from the steam table. A small order of chow mein for $1.25 ($3.75 for a large). None of the small orders cost more than $1.85; all the larges cost around $5.50. Eggrolls for 50 cents. Granted, there's more to a good eat than cheap prices, but I'm living on a tight budget, and admit I'm a sucker for great prices.

As of this second, I'm committing to supporting this business, which I'd very much like to see succeed, by eating there at least once a week from here on out. Care to join me? Silly as this may sound, I really want to celebrate the presence of a welcoming, family-friendly business anywhere on Holt, but especially along this stretch that is largely populated by sketchy characters and sketchy businesses. Here's wishing the paw-waving cat brings appropriate levels of luck and good fortune to this new business.

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