Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You 3/12

Nothing really earth-shattering at tonight's Planning Commission meeting. There are a couple of higher density projects (small scale) and two "please let me sell alcohol" projects. The Mission 71 Business Park modification could be interesting, but the online information is insufficient to render much opinion. If any of these interest or affect you, the meeting in the Council Chambers starts at 7PM tonight (3/12).

Here's the map.


linknpark said...

Meg, I would like to extend the same opportunity to you that I did the the Goddess in regard to designing a blog graphics for your site. I am a Graphic Designer for the NHRA and a neighbor, and would be more than happy to provide one to you gratis to spice up your site graphically. Let me know if you are interested and how to get a hold of you (no e-mail link on the page).

Anonymous said...

Lincoln Park,

Did you do the graphics on the GofP's new site?

Linknpark said...

I created the custom top graphic as a completely original Illustrator Vector Graphic from a compilation of descriptions and photo examples that she gave me. She has been experimenting with wallpapers and backgrounds to accent the top graphic and it is really coming together.