Friday, March 21, 2008

Newspaper! Newspaper! My kingdom for a newspaper!

Meg hasn't posted for awhile so I took liberties with a literary reference.

Anyone catch the DB's regurgitation of a recent Chief Romero news release. The reporter happily let us know that shots were fired on three separate occasions near the intersection of Gibbs and Holt. She even tossed in the 'gang' word for good measure. (Yippee for all of those realtors or landlords trying to sell/rent houses in that neighborhood!) What she failed to mention and what could actually be a wonderful story is that the rental property near Gibbs and Holt where the shooting occurred is owned by a resident from Claremont. Don't we all feel better knowing that residents in other cities are providing affordable housing in Pomona for gang members. Here's a fun idea, maybe the city of Pomona should redirect some of their Section 8 dollars into the purchase of an apartment building in Claremont.

How about that in depth coverage of the recent murder in Covina hills? The location, just off Grand Ave, is minutes from Pomona, but I didn't see a story in the online version of the DB. The story was worthy of the LA Times, CBS2 news, and after a quick google search........the Sun-Sentinel in Florida. Yes, I said a newspaper in Florida, the state of the hanging chad, is more likely to cover a horrific murder minutes from our city than our "local" paper.

And just when I fear Pomona may be forgotten and slip into oblivion, I'm reassured to find that the Pomona PD has conducted a prostitution sting. Although not newsworthy enough to reach Florida, the tidbit did appear in the online versions of the SGVTribune, the Whittier Daily News, and the Pasadena Star News. Could it be that the Los Angeles Newspaper Group is giving a heads up to all the "johns" on the other side of the hill that they should look elsewhere for their quick fix. What a thoughtful public service!!

There's nothing like reports of gangs and prostitutes to stimulate the housing market.

I feel sooooo much better getting that off my chest.


Jennifer said...

I have been keeping an eye on the DB and it seems to me that all this writing about P-town is due to lack of journalism skills AKA I got nothing to write about so let's see what what's going down in scandalous P-town.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the reporters don't get a car stipend and literally have to walk the area that they cover. Ha Ha!
Meg, I totally agree with you about the housing issue and how it correlates to coverage in the D.B.
They could do so much more to help Pomona in the way they cover it but seem commited to keeping it tied to the whipping post as a gang infested hell hole.