Monday, March 3, 2008


Just wanted to take the briefest of moments to wish Pomona's very own John Clifford a HAPPY Birthday. Rather than say which birthday this might be, let's just say, in true Pomona Heritage fashion, that he's at least younger than his house.

Or aren't you?


me said...

And here I thought Mr. Big was the only cyber personality worthy of an online birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Stockphoto, I mean John.

G of P

meg said...

Surely we are all worthy.

And as far as I know, John's never posted a single stock photo -- or do you know something we don't? I'm suddenly imagining the JC pin-up... and what a charming pin-up it would be (if a bit more hirsute than most).

John Clifford said...

No, not older than my house. But old enough to know better.


me said...


Go back and look closely at today's birthday cake photo.

G of P

John Clifford said...

You have to excuse Meg. She's been in blighty so long that she's forgotten American senses of humor :-)

Ed said...

Talk about reading the fine print. I didn't even see it (see, I wasn't kidding when I said briefest).

Am I the only one who experiences hunger pangs when looking at that picture?