Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Conditional Use Permit Please!

Sorry to bump the Torres story from the top of the heap, but the Planning Commission meets yet again.

Here's what awaits the resident volunteers on the Planning Commission: (1) more church buildings on San Antonio, (2) a request to sell wine and beer at a restaurant on Holt, and (3) a new multi-retail development on south Garey. The gurus at the Planning Department are recommending a thumbs up for #1, but thumbs down for #2 and #3. Good luck to the applicants.

My unscientific analysis of the three buildings most likely to be found in Pomona: churches, auto supply stores, and pharmacies.

Here's the map for the 3/26/08 Planning Commission agenda.

Photo from Harrison Hot Springs sand sculpture competition in beautiful British Columbia.

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Anonymous said...

In Claremont, it would be nail salons.