Monday, September 15, 2008

Breathing a little easier in Pomona

Hear ye, hear ye. Give up that lengthy commute from the far off land of Rancho Cu-ca-mon-ga or the cattle fields of Ontario. Why swelter in the heat of the east when you can enjoy the cool coastal climate and fresh air of Pomona. What you say.....the fresh air of Pomona? Yes, its true. According to that all-knowing government guru of everything dirty (in the air) a fresher breather of air can be had in Pomona today than in the distant count(r)ies of San Bernardino and Riverside.

So if you're feeling a bit hot around the collar, maybe a bit choked up, stop by the resort town of Pomona to relax and take in a wonderful breath of fresh air. Our many spa-like amenities should more than entice you stay (especially if your car gets stolen).

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Garrett Sawyer said...

So fresh and so clean clean.