Thursday, September 25, 2008

news I can use

The Planning Commission apparently was listening when I lamented the dearth of cans and bottles in my recycling bin: They have just voted in another opportunity for us to drown our sorrows, in the form of a high-end tequila bar. Let Claremont have its hipster Belgian beer; Pomona's taking care of the wine and tequila, and that's all right with me. iSalud, camaradas! [1]

[1] According to my elderly cousin who was a child during the Spanish Civil War, "iSalud, camaradas!" was how you could tell a Republican from a Nationalist or Falangist. Not that they have tequila in Spain, of course.


tibbi said...

I can't wait....

dozens and dozens of bar hopping gringos, reaking of tequila, and calling eveyone "Sanchez."

(I kid, I kid!!!)[with spanish accent]

-I'm glad to see some backup downtown- we need more hospitable neighbors that are looking to have a good time!!! (looks at Pomona Habla Headquarters)

Anduhrew said...

It's no secret that tequila is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. I'm not a big drinker, but i do love tequila tasting. i'm VERY excited.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is awesome.

Pomona Joe

Kate Thornton said...

This sounds like a fun idea - and another place to go on Art Walk, too.

(Hi tibbi - love your place, even if you *do* run out of Coke Zero for us non-drinkers!)