Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Want My Mobile Lovin'

Okay, calm down folks, it's not a post about the alleged motorhome-based brothel cruising the streets of our fair city. I'm curious about cell phone coverage in Lincoln Park.

Since moving in, I've gotten used to making calls from the back of the house, or if I really want reception, the back yard. Sprint has definitely not been showing me the lovin'. Meg seems to get great AT&T coverage, but I wonder what other options I have.

T-Mobile claims to have lousy coverage in Lincoln Park (with a big 3G hole over the park itself!), but, then again, Sprint claims to have good coverage, so who knows? What about Verizon? I'd love to hear about personal experiences with the coverage from the different companies (I'm open to other advice, but I'm already steeled to deal with lousy customer service, no matter who I hook up with).


Joel said...

I'm a Sprint user on Garfield and generally get about 2 bars inside the house. Completely dropped calls are unusual, but they do happen. I'd say in general Sprint coverage in our area is slightly better than it was five years ago, but still far from perfect. Friends with iPhones (AT&T) seem to get very solid signals in our home.


Ed said...

Sprints ok in the front of the house, not so good in the back. T-mobile works only outside of the house. Verizon seems to work fine.

calwatch said...

Verizon works pretty well here and I never get a call dropped. I concur that T-Mobile has been bad in this area. AT&T works fine here too, as I am able to use other's iPhones inside the house.

John Clifford said...

ATT is fine except for in my study (where, of course, I spend a lot of my time at my desktop computer). There it's generally OK only. I don't recall ever having a call dropped, but sometimes I miss incoming calls when I'm back here.

Hope that helps.

Karen said...

I'm on Alvarado near Towne and have had Verizon for years. I generally get good coverage at home with an occasional weak signal (2 bars) when I'm in an interior room.

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

I always thought Sprint was suppose to have the best coverage, I guess not.

K said...

Thanks to everyone for the input -- there's no substitute for the straight dope from people who are actually using the service! It sounds like Verizon and AT&T are the providers to have.

I, too, would've hoped for better coverage from Sprint, but I also get lousy coverage at work. Who knew?

Ed said...

Enough with this anti-Sprint rhetoric. I love Sprint (but only in the front of my house), so if feel the need to bash Sprint, then I'm done reading this blog! :-)

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Mark was right, humor is our coping mechanism.