Sunday, September 28, 2008

fine dining notes

A pal at work is of Iranian extraction, and we were discussing Persian food in the West Inland Empire. Darvish: okay. Falcon's Nest: deeply mediocre. Then she mentioned a third place I'd never heard of, and never would have tried: Giuseppe's Pizza, at 2433 N. Euclid.

There are two reasons I never would have tried Giuseppe's without her recommendation: Not only do we not try random pizza places (we don't eat that much pizza, so we wait for a friend to rave before we step outside our Eddie's comfort zone), but you would never in a million years know this place was there, unless you lived on Euclid.

You might not even know Giuseppe's was there if you drove past it; we had to turn around, go back, and carefully track the house numbers to find it. It's up in the section of foothills where all the streets are crazy circles, and it's tucked away in a residential neighborhood, across from an evangelical church.

It's definitely worth the drive. We're big fans of Persian food, and this was really good. They don't have the polos/pulaus (pilafs that have been duded up with green beans, barberries, or other things) that Darvish has, but they have all the meat and side dishes that you'd expect.

We split the appetizer platter (dolmas, hummus with eggplant stirred in, and cucumber-yogurt salad) and then split an order of koobideh (the chopped, spiced beef that's grilled on a sword). We should have split one dish, as the portions were huuuuuge. They were also delicious, so the biggest challenge is going to be getting my fair share of the leftovers.

The wine list is pretty poor, but that doesn't matter, because they actually have Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale on the beer list, to our amazement. And with a mark-up of mere pennies.

The waitresses were very friendly and competent, although the hostess (who might have been the owner) was surly. Meg-Bob sez check it out.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

A colleague took a bunch of us here, too. She ordered all sorts of amazing dishes off-menu -- I wish I had recorded her selections. Everything we ate was very yummy! Thus, I second the recommendation.

meg said...

Oh, that's good to know. Next time I'll see if we can sweet-talk the waitress and ask for things not on the menu (which is pretty small).

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg-Bob!
Where is Eddies?
I assume that they sell pizza?
We are so tired of what passes as pizza at the two big chains.
So where does two lazy pizza lovin' guys go for a decent pie?
Thanks for your help.

meg said...

Mark --

Eddie's is right next to Inka Trails, near the corner of Towne & Foothill. It's not the best pizza I've ever eaten, but it's the best I've eaten in the area. We're particularly fond of the Eddie's Special, which is tomatoes, onion, ricotta, and Italian sausage.

If other folks have favorite pizza places, at least Mark and I would love to hear about them.

David Allen said...

I keep meaning to go to Guiseppe's but have held back because 1) it's so out of the way and 2) once I'm there, do I get Italian or Persian?

It's now decided: I'm going and I'm getting Persian.

Unless they have a lamb pizza.

Anonymous said...

SAN BIAGO'S IN UPLAND...only real pizza around

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Heck ya, San Biagio's is THE place to go for pizza(assuming you like New York style pizza -- this is the real thing, so says my New York native hubby). They're in the same complex as the Upland Trader Joe's, but around the corner for the ice cream shop (also worth a visit if you're in the area).