Wednesday, September 24, 2008

signs of the times

This morning I was at my desk early, spying on my garbage bins to see what they get up to when they socialize with their peers. I wasn't worried about the recycling pillagers, since we only had newspapers in our bin this week (note to self: drink more!).

But wait! One lady spent a good 20 minutes going through every single newspaper in the bin... looking for coupons. Something about that just strikes me as awfully pitiful.


Anonymous said...

Times are tough and I think about to get even tougher. I understand on the drinking more but I believe it's time we all stay a little sharper. We have been on a runaway train with our eyes closed...

Ed said...

Are you gonna collect the coupons and put them on top for her?

"runaway train with our eyes closed"...I'm drinking cuz my eyes have been open the whole time (except for the little thing on the fee schedule for tree removal).

Cool new look. Also like the new links........and keep the posts coming!

Anonymous said...

I also Like the new look. Does anybody realize that people going through the recycle bins is really a tax. Pomona does not get the salvage money so we get higher taxes or less revenue. It's the same with shopping carts. Recovery cost so we pay higher grocery cost. This bugs me a lot.

meg said...

Thanks, Anon! Frequent commenter Lincoln Park has volunteered to design us a proper header (see his excellent work on Goddess of Pomona's blog), but I need to take some photos for him to use.

I've ranted about the loss to the city in other posts (although not for a number of months). At least I don't have to worry about that in the case of this morning gleaner; I really doubt the city is going to cash in that coupon for GoGurts.

Anonymous said...

Wow...did I read that right? In Pomona you actually have a problem with someone going through your TRASH? When a person is HUNGRY they will resort to many things even depriving the City of Pomona of recycle revenue to feed their CHILDREN. Pomona is not only the land of "highend Tequila" is also the home to many many people who are beyond struggling in this current climate. These people are YOUR neighbors...grow a heart and wake up. No one goes through someone's trash unless they are desperate....better your trash than breaking into your home to be able to feed their kids.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Excellent idea, Ed: Collect the coupons and put them on top of the bins. I like that.

We helped a gentleman go through our recycling bin this past week; he wanted cans (no bottles), so we helped him pull out the loot.