Thursday, April 15, 2010

The "H" word for 2009

I originally wrote this back in January, but it was relegated to the draft folder. Now with the discussion of dumping the city's police force for the LAC sheriff, I figured it was timely to flick the dust off.

If you happen to occasionally engage in some P-town gossip at the water cooler (assuming you're still employed), feel free to spread the news that 2009 marked only the third time since 1985 that Pomona's homicide total was seventeen or less. The 2009 count is unofficial, but wow, congrats to the Pomona PD, the city administration, and most importantly the residents of Pomona.

I took a bit of a hiatus on the map building during the second half of the year, but fortunately our trusted friends working at the San Gabriel Vally Tribune aren't too good at geography and have included Pomona and Claremont in their SGV homicide map.

Well, I apparently took so long the SGV map is no more, so if you're a picture person, the LA Times may be your only choice.


Anonymous said...

The city council will be voting on the Sheriff's survey Monday. It would be great for the supporters of our PD to be there in force to voice our opposition. Bring a friend, say no to this disasterous move by the council!!!

Pomona Joe said...

We'll be there. With kids!

Anonymous said...

Disastrous:?!?! You Gotta be kidding!!!

A city that's broke, protected by cops that care more about their own retirement and a plethora of benefits that "joe public" could only dream of. A department that will forgo and cut the "on the ground street safety officers", only to protect the top heavy management with their top heavy benefits.
Simply put. I think the Sheriff's Department is a fiscally responsible and great idea. Don't kid yourselves. Better service cheaper. The only members of Council that would oppose this are the likes of "Paula Lantz" whose campaign is heavily funded by the Pomona PD union and has wormed her way into the negotiations and feeding confidential info to union members. Do I hear the brown act being broken????