Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday Council Meeting

Well it's time again for our city's leaders to meet and decide the big issues facing Pomona. Or at least it's time to give David Allen something to write about.

The items on this week's agenda include:

  • Closed session discussion of a pending lawsuit, Coalition for Environmental Justice in Pomona vs. City of Pomona
  • Closed session labor negotiations with city employees, police managers, and police officers as well as unrepresented employees.
  • Recognition of outgoing commissioners
Consent agenda items:
  • A couple of proclamations for Municipal Clerk's Week and National Public Works week as the city figures out how to cut employees and outsource (sorry couldn't help the editorial comments).
  • Notice of intent to hold a public hearing on giving out contracts for our solid waste disposal in the city to Athens, Burrtec, Mission Recycling, Valley Vista, and Waste Management (some of the largest contributors to local candidates)
  •  Application for a gang prevention and intervention grant
  • Unappropriation of $365,500 from Neighborhood Stabilization funds to go to a contract to build a Garfield neighborhood center for $285,500.
  • John Mendoza's 2% utility tax increase proposal
  • Appointment of Hector Diaz to the Vehicle Parking District
  • Legislative Advocacy subcommittee recommendations
Old Business:
  • Adoption of action plan for CBDG (Community Development Block Grant) funds
  • Demolition of 1885 small Victorian structure at 942 West Holt (deemed historic by the Historic Preservation Commission) overturning the findings of the HPC
  • Discussion of composition and appointment of Charter Review Commission
New Business
  • Fundings: $300 for Pomona Valley Christian Ministry for their homeless feeding program, $600 for security at St. Madeleine's Church Fiesta, $250 for sponsorship for Chamber of Commerce's Police Awards Ceremony (as the council studies whether or not to replace them--There goes that editorializing again)
Public Hearing
  • First St. Waste Transfer Station
The meeting will be adjourned in memory of Carolyn Kirkpatrick, longtime resident, former Pomona Heritage president and friend of Pomona.


Ed said...

I'd like to hear about the specifics of the 2% increase in the utility tax. With the right terms and the need for renewal, I think it might allow a short term budgetary fix for the current economic downturn. The real fix would take economic development, but I'd settle right now for some quick money. The UUT was at 11% twenty years ago.

John Clifford said...

That is a proposal, made by John Mendoza, which is an intiative for the November ballot. The city council has to approve putting it on the ballot, but only in so far as it has been properly prepared.

Specifics on the proposal will be in the ballot initiative. Mr. Mendoza is currently the representative on the Water District from North Pomona (I believe that's north of Garey).

Pomona Joe said...

Did anyone go to Monday's council meeting? Did they move on forming a commission to rewrite the city's charter as expressed in agenda item 13?

John Clifford said...

Joe, yes they did. They even appointed most of the people to be on it (Tim Saunders was given additional time to appoint his two).

I'm very proud to say that I was one of those appointed, so you can be sure that I'll have things to say here in the future about the process and progress of the commission.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Congrats, John! Thank you for your involvement on the committee.