Saturday, April 17, 2010

Message From Pomona PD Officer's Assoc

Dear Neighbor,

The Pomona City Council is attempting to go behind our backs and shut down the Pomona Police Department. On April 1st the City Council unexpectedly proposed eliminating our local police force and bringing in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department - even after telling the police department that no such plans were in the works.

Thankfully, when faced with an overwhelming crowd, the City Council chose to postpone their vote on the matter until April 19th.

Pomona’s Police Department is vital to the safety of our families and our businesses
. We need our own police force -- not a sheriff’s department responsible for unincorporated areas, other contract cities, courthouses, and county jail facilities.

Before the next meeting this coming Monday, April 19th, please let the Pomona City Council and City Manager know that you won’t be blindsided by their dirty tricks.

Call City Hall at (909) 620-2311, or if busy call (909) 620-2042.
Please also email your City Council Members below.

Mayor Elliot Rothman:
City Manager Linda Lowry:
Councilwoman Danielle Soto:
Councilman Freddie Rodriguez:
Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa:
Councilwoman Paula Lantz:
Councilman Tim Saunders:
Councilman Stephen Atchley:

Show your support for the Pomona Police Department and attend a rally prior to the City Council meeting on Monday, April 19th, 6:30 PM at the Pomona City Council Chambers (at City Hall). Call your own Pomona Police Officers' Association at (909) 392-8982 for more information and to make sure we keep you informed on this critical situation.

Your own Pomona Police thank you for your interest and support!

Paid for by the Pomona Police Officers’ Association
2822 Metropolitan Place
Pomona, CA 91767-1854

Join the fight to protect Pomona’s Police Department today!
Email for more information.

I assume that the PAID FOR line was on a printed version of this notice. I received it as an email from several sources. John Clifford


Anonymous said...

You Gotta be kidding!!!

A city that's broke, protected by cops that care more about their own retirement and a plethora of benefits that "joe public" could only dream of. A department that will forgo and cut the "on the ground street safety officers", only to protect the top heavy management with their top heavy benefits.
Simply put. I think the Sheriff's Department is a fiscally responsible and great idea. Don't kid yourselves. Better service cheaper. The only members of Council that would oppose this are the likes of "Paula Lantz" whose campaign is heavily funded by the Pomona PD union and has wormed her way into the negotiations and feeding confidential info to union members. Do I hear the brown act being broken????

Anonymous said...

The city is broke not because of the police department but because the city council is a joke. And last time I checked, the mayor's and city council's campain budgets (including Lantz) are funded in a large majority by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Research it and you will surprised at what you will find.

As a resident, there is no way I'm voting for the Sheriff's Dept. Cheaper is not always better!