Monday, July 21, 2008


My mother's about to arrive for a week's visit (during which time blogging is sure to be light), and rather than actually clean house as I should, I thought I'd post a few local dining notes before I forget.

First of all, we had lunch at Pupuseria Cuscatleca the very day that David Allen posted his review of it. The woman there was very friendly, and the pupusas were huge, but I still prefer the ones at Guasalmex a few blocks away (at Holt & Garey).

In other news, Food Bargains, the little Middle Eastern grocery on Garey, has changed its name to Grove Farmer's Market. A cashier told me that there was a new owner (also Lebanese), but the guy who acts like the Big Boss is still there, so who knows. Nothing else has changed, although one day there was no meat available because they were swabbing out the refridgerated cases. Everyone in favor of cleanliness, raise your hand.

We've been back to the Back Abbey in Claremont (home of the $13 burger) twice now, and both visits were better than our first. One time, the place was dead empty (and was still noisy, with only one other table besides us!), and the other time we claimed a table outside. I'm not persuaded about the place, mainly because I'm just not a fan of the Belgian beers. But a full pint of Fuller's London Pride is only $5, so I can't really complain.

We had a grand meal at Watergrill in DTLA on saturday, but that's a little out of the purview of M-M-M-My Pomona, so I'll hold off on reviewing it. But we were back at dba256 on friday, where the installation of the tv has gone forth as threatened. I find it a nuisance -- especially when a customer insisted on watching boxing -- but I guess I'm okay with whatever helps them stay open and (one hopes) profitable.


Anonymous said...

I went to the Back Abbey the week they opened. Saw your post before and saw David Allen's post afterwards. Damage: Burger, $13; half order fries, $5; Coke, $2; Tax, $1.6 or so; Tip, $3.4. TOTAL FOR A BURGER, FRIES, AND A COKE: $25.


Ed said...

My short weekend stint up north yielded a mahimahi at Max's in SF that wasn't half bad.

John Clifford said...

We managed to get out to dba256 on Friday evening (about 8-9:30)and were the only ones in the place except for the two bartenders who where switching the TV back and forth between the Dodgers and Angels. I must say that I'm a little disappointed in the place. While the atmosphere is nice, the wine selection (at least by the glass) is not terribly huge. You'd think that during the hot summer evenings they'd have more than three choices for white wine.

I'd expect that at a restaurant, but when wine is supposed to be the draw, it would be nice to have some selection. They did get a few other customers about the time that we were getting ready to leave. I guess that I'm just an old f__t who is there too early for the "with it" crowds.

meg said...

Ed, I'm amazed that Max's had anything that could be considered satisfying in any but the portion-size sense.

John: We must have just missed you on friday! There was one other couple when we arrived, and the place was gradually filling up as we left (about 11).

I didn't realize they only had three whites. The red selection is certainly better, and at least they keep a rosé on the list now. Given that so much of the clientele wants beer (esp. in this weather), I'm just glad the list is as long as it is.

Anonymous said...

Please don't hold back. Let's hear about your Water Grill dining! Afterall, Pomona IS connected to DTLA via the convenient Metrolink, an asset this Pomona resident greatly enjoys taking for the occasional DTLA jaunt.

calwatch said...

Yeah, but the Downtown Metrolink station is a poor choice since it only has trains going in the peak direction. Better to drive to North Pomona instead.

As for DBA256, wait until Cal Poly starts up again. Some of the students that have classes at the Downtown Center weeknights hang out there, and there are a group of undergrads and another group of grad students from the planning school that hang out there semi regularly.

Anonymous said...

Metrolink's San Bernardino Line has the best to-and-from schedule, especially on weekends.