Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm sitting here at my desk on a tuesday night, puttering around, paying bills, watching the recycling scavengers go up and down the street muttering because we all wait until about 9:59am to put our blue bins out.

Suddenly, a scent! Um, more like a stench. A skunk stench. A strong one.

I reckon that one of the stray cats has had a close encounter underneath my window, so verrrry gingerly, I step onto the front porch...

...where I just smell the ordinary aromas of a summer evening.

Back inside, the whole house is skunky.

Yes, I think someone blew a gasket under our house. Oh, joy.

At least it beats having a squirrel die in the wall.


Anonymous said...

So this is one of the posts that you've been pondering during your hiatus?

meg said...

Heh, no. Just limbering up -- brace yourself.

Ed said...

Can't wait!:-)

"P.U." Pomona University
--apparently specializing in the field of olfaction.