Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Cities and a Newspaper

Pomona just can't catch a break.

The Daily Bulletin covers a police chase and shots fired in Ontario, and yet the article mentions Pomona twice and Ontario once. Yeah, the shooter was reportedly a Pomona gang member who lives in Pomona, but come on, it didn't even happen here!

And just to toss Ontario a bigger break, the reporter included this quote from Officer Bill Russell, "We haven't had a shooting (in the neighborhood) in a while." Were the editors sleeping during this story, since it would have taken a simple text search to find that there was a shooting-related homicide at almost the exact location in April. Rather than tossing out this quote, I'd reckon the reporter should have been asking whether the two incidences might have been related.

Pondering the story, got me to thinking about the parentheses in the quote. Have there been other shootings in Ontario recently? And if so, when? In the last article on shootings in Pomona the reporter was kind enough to chronicle the events for us. Hey, they usually do that for the murders, too! Hmmm!

On a somewhat related note, did you know there were two homicides in two days in Fontana this last weekend, and five people were the victims of homicide in Rialto in the last month. What, no articles titled, "Two Homicides in Two Days".

In case you can't tell, I'm scratching my head right now or pulling my hair out. I can't even really tell anymore!


John Clifford said...

Gee, no "Fontana, City of Death" or "Rialto, Death City USA" headlines with maps.

And both of these cities are MUCH smaller than Pomona. We get the negative headlines because???

Anonymous said...

I have taken to wearing wigs so I don't pull out my actual hair.

Garrett Sawyer said...

LOL@ Mark!

Yeah, everyone has it out for Pomona. Maybe we should change our city's name? How much would that cost? If anyone mentions Pomona, people that live here can go "What's Pomona?" lol. We don't know what you're talking about, *shrug* this is Pomonte Vista. lol.

John Clifford said...

A regular reader of the blog pointed out to me in an email that I misrepresented Fontana as being MUCH smaller than Pomona. I'm afraid that I hadn't checked my demographics prior to the knee-jerk post above. In reality, according to Wikipedia, in the last census (2000) Fontana had a population of 143,607 compared to Pomona's 149,473 (Ok it wasn't THAT much smaller even then). But they also note that projected populations put it at about 183,630 (2006-7) for Fontana to an estimated 160,815 as of 2005 for Pomona. Most of Fontana's growth has come from its annexation of surrounding county areas. So OK, I admit I missed on that one.