Tuesday, July 29, 2008

shake, rattle, and roll

So, I was at work, in a recently-seismically-retrofitted office building, when the earthquake occurred, and it was scary enough. What did people feel, and has anyone had any damage?

I talked to our neighbor the geologist, and he said his house was rolling like mad. Some stuff was knocked over, too. He checked on our house, and he said he couldn't see any damage, except that our cat was creeping around the house on his belly, all freaked out. Hardly surprising.

Any reports out there?

Update: A friend who was visiting last week and was impressed by the feline population of Lincoln Park wrote to ask if the cats had taken this as an opportunity to take over the 'hood. Has anyone seen any signs of revolt on the part of our feline overlords?


linknpark said...

Hope our house is okay, didnt get a chance to swing by for lunch. Shook like high hell in Glendora though.

Anonymous said...

I am in Gardena, 42 miles from Pomona ... it shook like mad!
Called to home in Lincoln Park... everything is okie dokie!
Some water came out of the pool.

Ms. Lois said...

The library and city hall are closed. We had minor damage in the library with leaning book cases and books on the floor. We could see that city hall's glass doors at the entrance were off track and we heard some windows were broken.

Hopefully, we will open on time tomorrow.

Garrett Sawyer said...

I have some small hairline cracks in my house. QUICK!! Call the press! lol. It was just a 5.4, c'mon now...we have some hairline cracks and a frying pan flew off the stove, no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Those hairline cracks can jeopardize the integrity of your home.

Did you guys drive by the City Hall? There was shattered glass everywhere inside and near the exterior of the building. The huge panels of glass that decor the building had fallen from more than 2 stories highThe safety of the building was questionable and no one was allowed to go back inside. I say that its a big deal.

calwatch said...

It is doubtful that the hairline cracks will damage the integrity of the home, especially if it was in the facade or drywall. Possible, but not very likely.

Garrett Sawyer said...

Well, our house is cast cement. We've had cracks from other earthquakes, house still hasn't broken apart. I'll just go over them with some whiteout. haha. I think all the houses in my neighborhood (built for employees of general dynamics back in 48-49) all have slight cracks in them from previous quakes. Nothing anyone should be worried about. Cement, steel beam, and wood frame homes are pretty sturdy, it's the brick ones people should worry about.

Rich said...

Many pictures fell and the phone was knocked off the hook. Cats have taken over my hood too. We now have 8 fixed cats and the price of food keeps going up. Sorry no more room at the Inn. I hope I mean that.