Sunday, July 6, 2008

a room with a view

Sorry about the extended silence -- I've been slammed at work. Hats off to Ed for picking up the slack!

I have a long mental list of things to write about, but it's almost suppertime. In the meantime, a couple of random observations from my desk, where I am surfing the web, sipping a Dirty Coward (equal parts cheap gin and fizzy water, a good slug of brine from the bottle of olives, served over crushed ice), and watching the world go by.

Observation No. 1: A young couple walked by, looking very much in love. They walked back about half an hour later, pushing a Staters Bros. shopping cart with a single bag in it. (Further deponent sayeth not.)

Observation No. 2: Nearly every day, an elderly Hispanic couple goes for a walk past our house. She walks at least 15 feet behind him, and if he stops (to pull up his socks or whatever), she stops too, preserving the distance.


Anonymous said...

I don't care how much in love the young couple is... they stole a shopping cart that will end up in an alley filled with trash.
One bag... between the two of them they couldn't carry it? Lazy.
Angry Mark

Ed said...

#1 ? I got nothin'
#2 Secret Service retiree

Here's one:
Pomona Bakery is very, very close. It could be early next week. They've been testing the ovens and can't sell until the final inspection, but their ovens seem to work a lot better than mine! Strolling Antique Row on the 4th was well worth it.