Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"H" word for June

It was a rough weekend for Rialto, but overall the Pomona Valley and San Bernardino Area fared well in the number of homicides for the month of June. San Gabriel Valley is still seeing more homicides than east of the 57, which is the same pattern that I've witnessed in previous months.

Pomona saw 4 shootings with a total of 9 people shot in the last two weeks, but to my knowledge, all the victims survived. I suppose if the bullets had traveled a slightly different path, Pomona could be at 15 homicides for the year instead of 6.

Are the shooters just bad shots in Pomona, or are the victims just luckier? How many incidences of shots being fired did the San Gabriel Valley see in the month of June to account for the approx. 12 homicides? I can't even tell you how many incidences of shots being fired the cities around Pomona might have seen. I am aware of the 9 people shot in Pomona, but that was only because the Daily Bulletin covered it. And no, I'm not griping about the DB's choice of covering the shootings, since I certainly wanted to know about them. My real concern is that my perception of crime, both in Pomona and other cities, is at the whim of the information that I'm receiving (or not receiving).

Here's a few of my other rants:
Why don't police departments put press releases online? Shouldn't the Daily Bulletin cover the homicides just over the hill, since many of us travel through or shop in those areas? Does Pomona PD put out more press releases than surrounding cities? Any chance the Council members could pool their allocations and hire a PR person for the city?

Homicides in June
Homicides in May
Homicides in March/April
Homicides in Jan/Feb


John Clifford said...


As always, these maps are very impressive. So Pomona has had basically fewer homicides per capita than almost any of our neighbors thus far this year. Especially as you move to the west.

Can you easily do an updated map with all of them year-to-date? I'm sure that picture would be impressive.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a shot (no pun intended).

Ontario is doing really well, except for their higher vehicular deaths. Rancho and Fontana also have been experiencing good years. It's possible the gang crackdowns may be the reason, but I've got no info to support that hypothesis.

It is great news for the Inland Valley cities. Hope I didn't jinx it!