Saturday, July 5, 2008

In the DB

If you're pondering a correlation between our current hot weather and global warming or happened to glance at the air quality forecast for the Rialto and San Bernardino area, look no further than the online Daily Bulletin for a local solution. The video section on the Daily Bulletin webpage includes a quick video of the Phoenix SUT (not to be confused with the Phoenix slut--sorry, it seemed funny at the time). The Phoenix Motorcar company is an electric truck/SUV startup out of Ontario. I've periodically seen the trucks scooting around LP over the last year. Check out the video or stop by the car company's website for more info.

Although the vehicles aren't quite ready for public consumption, their website does include a sign-up form for those of you who might want to reserve your space in line.

No wonder David Allen looks so tired. The online Daily Bulletin has him doing articles for JChristensen, Vicki Paluch, and Michelle Mills. Frankly, I find him funnier in the columns written under his own name. Maybe its my own bias, but I just don't see him as a "Vicki".

On a depressing note yesterday, a man was killed during an altercation with his son in Whittier and in a shooting in Rialto, one man was killed and another injured while sitting in a parked truck. No reported murders in Claremont...........or Pomona.

Oops! Just read in the Sunday DB that Pomona did tally a homicide on Friday. Apparently a fight between an aunt and an uncle over picking up a teenage nephew. The aunt's husband died from cardiac arrest and the uncle is being held on murder charges.

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