Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just another Tuesday in Pomona

Me again!

Pomona PD is doing a toy drive to benefit needy kids in Pomona. Collection boxes can be found at the Library, Police Department, and City Hall. If you want one for your business call CSO Brenda Sutherland @ 909-620-2377. If you have a little money to spare, please donate.

Lost: I recall at this time last year the Pomona city website had information about various charities in the city. Is my memory failing? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! I personally thought it was a great use of technology and would hate to see us take a step back.

  • School Board meets at 7PM @ PUSD building on 800 S. Garey (agenda)
  • Community Life meets at 7PM @ Council meeting room (agenda--outside City Hall)
Grabbed from the DB:
PUSD FYI: In only its first year, the API for Cortez Elementary almost reached the API scores found at Claremont's lofty Condit and Chaparral elementary schools. Cortez is the new K-8 Math and Science magnet school near the 10 freeway on Dudley that opened in Fall 2007. Btw the students choice for a mascot......the "Wizards".


John Clifford said...

There is a PD toy drive collection bin at Frantz Cleaners.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to offer a word about Cortez Elementary. My daughter started kindergarten there this year and I can tell you that the school has surpassed every expectation I had. My daughter's teacher is exactly what every parent wants for their child - compassionate and caring while strict and professional. The principal, Mrs. Alvarez, is a wonder - truly the Michael Jordan of her profession. I'm a teacher myself and I can tell you that Cortez achieving such high scores in its first year is an accomplishment on par with America reaching the moon in the 60's.

Pomona Joe