Sunday, November 2, 2008

Politics Pomona Style

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot, but I just can't stand it any more. Yesterday (Saturday) I received a piece of campaign literature in the mail that is making my blood boil.

Let me start by saying that I am a Democrat. I've donated to the Obama campaign and to the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Committee, and others. I believe that the past 8 years of George Bush has been devastating to our country.

However, local politics is different. City council and mayoral elections are NON-PARTISAN!! You can't put your party affiliation next to your name on the ballot. This is a bit of wisdom which has allowed us to work on a local level without getting hung up on what's happening nationally. In an election year when people are fed up, it's understandable that the campaigns are making sure that everyone knows that George Hunter and Paula Lantz have an (R) next to their names because the expected groundswell for Obama will probably have coattails.

Now I get a mailer from the Pomona Valley Democratic Club that sounds like something out of the Karl Rove playbook. They suggest that Rothman is being "Swift Boated." They claim that Hunter has made "trumped-up charges" but never say what they are or even try to defend Rothman. They claim that Hunter is responsible for poor judgement in the Artisan project. I can say that George and I disagreed on the project, but that he worked hard to make the project the best for the city of Pomona. That project was also supported by Rothman, who was ready to sign off on the first version of the project which would have been disasterous. AND Elliott DID vote FOR the project when it came before the council. If it was so bad, where was his opposition?

If Hunter has gone negative, I haven't received any of that in MY mail. No one has used Rothman's DUI that I've heard (except the blogs which is where I'd expect to hear it). Now perhaps I'm "out of the loop," but if I am, then I don't know who is "in the loop."

This kind of action by MY party is obnoxious and I'll have to think twice the next time they ask for a donation. But perhaps supporting a Republican at all makes me "unAmerican" and a disgrace to the party. In that case I hope that they'll have the decency to send me a reimbursement check.

The opinions expressed here are my own. I blog using my real name and take full responsibility for my opinions. M-M-M-My Pomona, Meg, K, Ed, and Calwatch had nothing to do with this and shall remain blamless.


Anduhrew said...
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Anduhrew said...

Although I know it'll be a long time before a third party candidate wins a major election, this is just one of the many reasons why I support third party candidates... Arcata Ca, was the first city in America to have a majority green party council. very interesting city if u ask me. I've got family up there. I digress. I agree, i think it's sad that politicians appeal towards emotions rather than making solid evidence backed arguments.

tibbi said...

Bravo, John!

You want to know something?

My political party affilitation is


The reason being that I am moderate in beliefs and I wanted a way to remain flexible. I am a middle of the road kind of dude.

Sometimes hardliners have tunnelvision and it makes us all look a little less wiser, but you brought up a good point about local politics being non partisan.

Now, if we can only get more people to inform themselves aside of just rabble rousing.

ren said...

John I got your back on this one ,the only thing I want to say is get out and VOTE.

Ed said...

Anyone else get the pleasure of hearing the firetruck siren on Saturday? While the adrenaline shot was still running strong, I was glad to see only a candidate banner running down the side of the truck and apparently no medical/fire emergency necessitating the trip through the neighborhood. Of course, then I started to fume over the tactic. The truck was probably retired, but running a siren on a firetruck down residential streets to promote a candidate? It just bothers me.

John, no complaints about your post from this household.

meg said...

Good lord, no, I didn't see or hear the firetruck. For whom was it pimping?

Anonymous said...

I heard the siren but assumed it was being used for it's intended purpose.
I can only guess which moron was plasterd on the side of that truck.
Yes, the local democrats mailers have been hard to swallow this year. It really turns me off that they think people are so stupid. I can see through bullshit like most people can.
If George Hunter doesn't win we are in a world of hurt.

K said...

Like John, I'm a Democrat, and I vote and contribute what I can and volunteer when I can. I was frustrated by both of the mailers sent out over Mike Suarez's name. I was, in fact, frustrated enough to look him up on-line and call him up. I figured that if he was going to send me mail, he ought to be willing to talk to me.

And he was! He was very pleasant about being interrupted at home on a Saturday afternoon, apparently while he had some folks over. Unfortunately, he was also a little rushed, and never really managed to give me any examples of specific problems with Paula Lantz or George Hunter, other than their pro-Republican activities.

Perhaps we can get him to post something here or elsewhere. The mailers seemed almost completely content-free.

Like John, you shouldn't attribute my rantings to the rest of the posters on this blog. I'm still posting under a pseudonym, but Mike now has my name, e-mail, and phone numbers, plus he knows I'm pissed. Any of the rest of y'all are welcome to my contact info and information about the on-going state of my psyche.

Anonymous said...

Paula Lantz is a Democrat, despite what was indicated in the post.

Pomona Joe

Anonymous said...

I spoke with Elliott Rothman today and he mentioned that his blood level test from the other day he was "busted" by PD came back normal. sources say he was singled out.

Anduhrew said...

what is up with this
why is it empty?
at least Ursua who was councilman from 89-93 has his positions listed.
How can i vote if I'm not well informed?
I see a lot more Ursua signs in deep south Pomona lately. I saw Hunter's mobile billboard down here also twice. And Rothman's sign is at Cal Polyland.
Come on Candidates GET WITH IT!

K said...

Yeesh, and while reviewing the sample ballot mailed out [yeah, on the night before the election :-(], I realized that neither Rothman nor Hunter offered a Spanish-language candidate's statement. In a town that's 64% Hispanic, that seems a little cold. I'm hoping that's a screwup on both their parts, rather than a message to the community.

John Clifford said...

I never looked up Paula's political affiliation, but the mailers from the Pomona Valley Democratic Club stated that she had run for the Republican Central Committee. If I was in error, I apologize to both all of you and especially to Paula for any misinformation.