Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Weekend

Metro Pomona

the Glasshouse: KCXX 103.9 Presents: Hawthorne Heights, Emery,
Tickle Me Pink, The Mile After, The Malheruex

Chalk Art Festival @ Thomas Street Plaza
Sponsored by Cultural Arts Commission

Artists begin at 7:30AM
Prizes awarded at 4PM

Art Walk Starting @ 6PM
the Glasshouse : Turisas, Powerglove, Iron Klad, Cromwell


Johanna said...

Hey, thanks for the puppet show plug - but I have to say, everyone who's around should stop by the chalk festival. I'm really bummed I can't make it 'cause it's always incredible and a real source of Pomona Pride. Let's get our art on this weekend!
-the puppet lady

Anduhrew said...

I was able to stop by while out riding my bike. I do have to say Johanna was ABSOLUTELY Right. there was a lot of Pomona pride going on out there. it was pretty cool. It should be expanded in future years with food vendors etc... like the City of Orange's Food fair they have on memorial day weekend.