Monday, November 24, 2008

Web utilization in Pomona

Pomona Police
The Pomona PD recently updated their Webwatch crime map interface. I still wish you could vary the time period beyond the default 7 days, but the new page is more informative and a little easier to use. If you crave all the pedantic information as much as I do, superimposing the Council districts on the citywide map is a nice option. I'm a little uneasy about the regularity of the updates. To be particularly useful, the map needs to be continually updated, and I'm just not confident that the police department has all the ducks in a row yet.

Pomona USD
At the bottom of the Pomona Unified website, they've now included an email signup to receive updates on our local school district. I only just signed up, so I'm in the dark about the info they'll send out, but what do you have to lose, follow the link and become a friend of Pomona Unified.

Other PUSD news: If you didn't already hear, the Pomona Superintendent has been named the California Superintendent of the Year. So if you know anyone still driving their kids to Claremont for school, tell them you know yet another reason to keep your tax dollars local.

City of Pomona
Looks like the city staff is still trying to figure out how to upload information. I believe the Youth Advisory Committee meets tonight in the Pomona Public Library from 5-7PM. Tomorrow @ 7PM the Community Life Commission will meet for its monthly meeting. The agenda (which isn't online) includes an overview of the commission's role and the upcoming Holiday Lane Decorating Contest. The website has CLC agendas for April-July.........what happened after July? Quarterly uploads?

Does anyone know what the Pomona Avocates for Communication and Trust (PACT) is? They meet 12/2/08 @ 6PM in the City Council Meeting Room. Who's on the committee? Given that the City was suggesting several commissions be merged, what niche is this committee expected to fill? Lastly, given the budget situation what's the cost?

Also, were the E-newsletters a concept from the previous city manager that followed him out the door? If so, do we really need to keep the old ones on the website?

So many questions! Anyone willing to help?


Anonymous said...

Where does it say that about Supt of the Year? We were so pulling for David Cash, and he has it locked up for next year with the Turkey Travesty.

Ed said...

No Claremont bashing here, but the Claremont Indians and pilgrims celebration made it to the LA Times. Ouch! Not exactly the memory most parents want their children to have of a kindergarten thanksgiving celebration. Oh well.

Supt of the year: check out DB and