Monday, April 28, 2008

Butterflys Everywhere

OK, for me this is a VERY light post. But, has anyone else noticed the large number of Monarch Butterflies on their annual migration this year?

On both Saturday and Sunday morning our front yard gardens were covered with hundreds (maybe thousands) of Monarch butterflies. Walking anywhere near the front yard caused a virtual swarm of beautiful black and orange to flitter all around you. It was truly amazing.


Anonymous said...

I have seen some but not nearly what you describe!
Cool for you!

Garrett Sawyer said...

I've only seen a few around here...
The weird thing is I had a dream last night that there were monarchs everywhere in my yard. We don't usually see butterflys around here and I've never had a dream like that. Maybe it was a premonition?

Anonymous said...

I think you have great facts to amaze a lot of people. I spend hours chasing, catching and researching butterflies so I think you have really excellent facts to give to people. I'm only 9 but I can tell what is pure awe to people.


Anonymous said...

P.S. I've only seen 6 monarchs in my life so you rock!