Friday, April 11, 2008

Visual Clarification Of Foothill Towne

Some more visual clarification (you can click on the images to get a better view) on what’s going on at the corner of Foothill and Towne.

Here is the corner we’re talking about from Google Maps Streetview:

Note that Walgreens is on the Northwest corner, with 7-11 on the Southwest corner. Next to 7-11 is Giovanni’s and just beyond that is Coates. The plan calls for the purchase and demolition of 7-11, Giovanni’s, and Coates, with the added property just beyond Coates which is currently a vacant lot.

Here’s what the site looks like in the MND documentation:

The plan that is presented in the MND shows Walgreens moving to where 7-11 and the nini-car wash are now: (the mini car wash is just to the north on Towne) with only three new stores and lots of parking (this image is also from the MND report):

Does this look like a project we want at that intersection. There are no commitments for the three retail spaces shown at this time. So we’d be replacing three going businesses with three unknowns and moving Walgreens. And for this we need to use eminent domain?


Garrett Sawyer said...

That's the best looking corner of Pomona I have EVER seen, you know why? No chain stores.

Ed said...

Ironic to just get back from Seattle and see bike-related posts. Seattle (pop. of 570,000) has over 37 bike stores. Pomona (pop. of 154,000) has 1 bike store (maybe two).

Take a guess which city shows up regularly on the "most livable cities in the US" surveys?

It doesn't take vision to improve Pomona, just figure out who to copy.

Anonymous said...

No chain stores...but look out, that 7-11 concept might catch on.

me said...

yes, ed, it just takes common sense to improve Pomona, something that has been lacking.

John - I love the foggy photos. Makes me think I'm living in San Francisco again.

anon- And yeah the walgreens, cvs, shell, staples and stater bros. might take off too.

G of P

Garrett Sawyer said...

I was being sarcastic. lol. There is hardly anything to Pomona I think I shouldn't be sarcastic about. With the exception of a few areas where things are on the upside. I guess I'm not the only one that's allowed to be sarcastic, oh well. lol.