Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hypothetical Fleecing of Pomona

I'm a little irked, so using the the term fleecing makes me feel better.

Here's the hypothetical problem: In my little hypothetical world, I do believe I may have witnessed a hypothetical city council member donating hypothetical city funds to a hypothetical public school. Normally, I wouldn't consider this hypothetical gesture a major hypothetical problem. In fact, I would probably jump up and down in glee, hypothetically that is, because I'm an ardent supporter of public schools, whether my kids', your kids', or some hypothetical kids'. The problem, you see, is that my hypothetical city doesn't have a whole lot of money and the hypothetical school district in my city isn't flush with cash either. So I was a little shocked to hear a hypothetical council member giving our hypothetical city funds to a hypothetical school in another hypothetical school district. I could understand if the other hypothetical school district was in dire straits, or if he was using his own hypothetical money, but neither of these were true. So instead I sat in my, not quite so hypothetical, uncomfortable chair stewing over the reality that despite my city's hypothetical school district facing a real budget crisis, some of our limited hypothetical city funds will now go to enrich the fundraising pot of another city's hypothetical public school.

I'm sure glad this was all just hypothetical.


John Clifford said...


I find it hard to believe that after nearly a week no one has responded to this post. I guess we were all too taken aback to get our heads around an adequate response.

Mostly just want to say that "I hear you, man."

meg said...

*I* was waiting until Ed came through on his promise of more info...